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BLOCKY’s mission is to help people trust data by making it easier for companies to secure user data using blockchain-based immutability.

What is immutability? Blockchains (or, more generally, distributed ledger technologies) provide distributed storage that makes the stored data both provably unchangeable and highly available, meaning that data written to a blockchain cannot be changed and is always readable. 


Working with blockchains in their raw form can be difficult and time consuming. So, BLOCKY has created a suite of APIs that you can use to develop your own blockchain-based features to improve the security of data storage products that you already use.


Our products include:


  • Pallets - A service for signing files and verifying file signatures (interactive demo)

  • Pipes - A publish/subscribe interface for blockchain access

  • Loading Ramp - A commitment service for blockchain data

With these products, we offer solutions for ELN/LIMS, cloud storage and backup systems, and startups. If you are interested in connecting with us about these or other applications, please contact us.

Blocky is supported by an NSF SBIR Phase I grant.