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BLOCKY APIs offer several benefits when compared to other approaches to securing data on blockchains.​

  • We sign data onto the Ethereum blockchain, which keeps the delay of writes low and our timestamps accurate. Our signatures complete under 30 seconds with timestamps precise to 10 seconds. This is significantly faster than signatures on the Bitcoin network, where a signature may take over an hour with timestamp precision of 10 minutes.

  • Our API backend may be deployed in the cloud, or on your premises. Most other systems are exclusively cloud-based. This deployment models allows us to white label our API.

  • We charge only for file signatures and allow our clients to perform verification for free from their systems. This approach makes it easy to share signed data with your partners, who can verify data without having a contract with BLOCKY. Client-based verification also means that you may continue to verify your data in perpetuity.

  • We use secure SHA3 hashes, while most others use the less secure SHA256 hashes.