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Our line of products enables companies to create trust in their data. Specifically, we offer several APIs that make it easy to introduce blockchain-based immutability to storage systems and business processes. As a result, companies can prove the integrity of their data and create trust with customers and partners.



BLOCKY Pallets enables companies to sign data files on a blockchain and to verify those signatures. Each signature produces a certificate that allows companies and their partners to verify the integrity of the signed data file and the timestamp of the signature.


Pallets supports two signature modes direct signatures and scalable signatures. Direct signatures publish a hash of each data file to the blockchain separately. This hash may be verified by human inspection of the blockchain and does not require file recipients to run any commands to perform the verification, though they may also do so. Scalable signatures sign the Merkle root of a batch of files. While the signature has to be verified programmatically, this method is suitable for signing a large number of files. In either mode data files remain private to your storage system, as there is no way to reconstruct the data from the hashes stored on the blockchain. 


Pallets enables a number of cases in Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs), cloud storage, and startups. For a detailed description of the Pallets signing and verification processes, please consult our documentation.



BLOCKY Pipes provides a publish/subscribe interface for blockchain transactions. These transactions may be writes of arbitrary data, but also of cryptocurrency transfers as well the deployment and invocation of smart contracts. Pipes provides an API accessible through direct invocation or via a publish/subscribe message queues, which allows developers to interact with blockchains as they would with any distributed microservice.


Pipes enables powerful use cases for blockchains. First, Pipes interfaced with multiple blockchains enables migration between them without changes to your code. Second, Pipes enables stateful process actions based on changes to the blockchain state implemented through read and write queues. Third, Pipes enables programmable interactions between different smart contracts, a functionality not currently supported natively by Ethereum.


At the moment Pipes is an internal tool for Blocky. If you are interested in adopting Pipes in your system, please contact us.


Loading Ramp

BLOCKY Loading Ramp is a commitment scheme for blockchain data. Loading Ramp is suitable in scenarios where data integrity must be assured before the data is released. Loading Ramp deployed in hardware commits data to the blockchain and only after the signature has been verified allows the hardware to release the data. 


Loading Ramp enables drones, internet of things (IoT) sensors, and other data acquisition devices to secure their data before releasing it to parties that may have an incentive to manipulate the data after acquisition. Loading Ramp can help companies increase the value and trust in their data when deploying their devices in untrusted environments.


At the moment Loading Ramp is in our development pipeline. If you are interested in adopting Loading Ramp in your product, please contact us.